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After a prolonged dry spell, dark clouds loom over the horizon. The rain drops hit the parched earth with a vengeance. The aroma of soaked earth fills the air. A sense of rejuvenation spreads around, as new life springs out, transforming the barren landscape into a thriving oasis. Abhilasha, the mother of a grown up girl felt the same when she finally meets the love she haAfter a prolonged dry spell, dark clouds loom over the horizon. The rain drops hit the parched earth with a vengeance. The aroma of soaked earth fills the air. A sense of rejuvenation spreads around, as new life springs out, transforming the barren landscape into a thriving oasis. Abhilasha, the mother of a grown up girl felt the same when she finally meets the love she had longed for. A union in the most unusual of circumstances and in the most unusual of places –the internet. Abhilasha was caught in a dilemma whether to listen to her mind or to follow the beats of her heart.But this conflict served as an impetus which pushed her to a new height. Going through an emotional roller-coaster, finally she reached a stage where her passion turned into compassion, the most powerful form of love, where all conflicts appear trivial, finding their way into a harmonious homogeneity. In this new scenario none of her loved ones was left behind. A strong conviction bonded and inspired everyone to undertake life’s journey where the rough edges were smoothened by the healing touch of love. A story woven around the life of an Air Force officer’s wife with a glimpse into what goes on behind the closed gates, guarded by vigilant men in uniform. An insight into the life of Abhilasha and her dilemmas, the seemingly ordinary incidents but which are interwoven into a complex puzzle that she must solve....

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Delayed Monsoon Reviews

  • Chitralekha Paul
    2019-03-11 02:29

    Review of Delayed Monsoon at Sunday Tribune TribuneSunday, May 15, 2011Love conquers allReviewed by Aditi GargDelayed Monsoonby Chitralekha Cedar Books. Pages 232. Rs 150.THE way to a woman’s heart is, well, through her heart. You can shower her with gifts, get her the moon and do all that you can think of and more and still be nowhere close to her heart. This eternal mystery has a simpler solution. Listen to her, hold her hand, lend her your shoulder to cry on and love her and truly mean it. It will probably win you more brownie points than all the riches in the world put together.Delayed Monsoon is the debut novel of Chitralekha, wife of an ex-Air Force officer. Her academic particulars are impressive; she holds a Post-graduate degree in Philosophy and has also done her LLB from Calcutta University. She has also taught at various educational institutions before pursuing Law. She is a member of Supreme Court Bar Association and practices in Delhi. Her foray into writing is another feather in her cap. Her writing is simple and but not devoid of depth.Abhilasha, the central character of Delayed Monsoon, is a very real person, just like you and me or at least someone we know. Her life is plain and ordinary but the choices that she makes are not. She rises above the mundane, follows her heart and finds peace. For some her sense of loyalty may seem skewed but life is not black and white, it encompasses the various shades in between with aplomb. Her loneliness draws her towards the internet, a medium she had known nothing about previously. It is there that she finds companionship. Though it seems an unlikely place, she strikes up friendships that mean something in her otherwise empty life. She learns to deal with the fleeting nature of certain relationships. It also teaches her that there is no point in brooding over things that can’t be undone. She finds love in all its variants and cherishes it.The book gives one an insight into the life of an Air Force officer. It is not for those who shy away from change; nor for those who hanker for stability. On one hand there is the romanticism of new places and newer avenues opening up with each posting, but on the other hand it also means leaving behind good friends and shaking up a routine. In Abhilasha’s story, spanning three generations, there is but one constant – the bonding of mother and daughter. When people are faced with dire circumstances there are always choices to be made. The choices that you make define you. You can let the negativity drown you or you can emerge a winner by channelling all you have and turning it into a success. Abhilasha takes the road she feels makes her life easier and worthwhile. She has a spirit that is not easily defeated and finds her hope in the happiness of others.The author tells her story without judging Abhilasha for the choices she makes and doesn’t necessarily defend her. She keeps her characters rooted in reality; neither singing paeans for Abhilasha nor painting the husband as a totally negative character. The only thing that grates is the inclusion of many sub-plots that seem out-of-sync. At times it feels more like reading a blog.In case you are interested to know a bit more about the book and the author please click on the following links

  • Debjit
    2019-02-22 03:31

    Its been a while since I have read a book, that wasn't about any blood sucking vampires falling in love or the exploits of an international contract killer ,a police chase, a mafia drama or about cheesy college stories. At a time when almost every novel is formula based, Delayed Monsoon comes as a breeze of fresh air. Therefore unlike every other bookseller, "Delayed Monsoon" is not about any IIT/IIM grad, any Sicilian Mafia or any European/American sleuth.We often in the pursuit of racy adventures, miss out the most crucial yet regular moments, that govern the majority of our lives. Delayed Monsoon is a journey of a very regular person, in these most regular yet challenging scenarios that we come across on a day to day basis.The story revolves around its protagonist Abhilasa, as she evolves from the aspirational yet simple girl from Calcutta into a woman, then a wife of an Air Force Officer, and finally a mother. Life, so as to speak for her had been very usual till the day the burden of her unfulfilled aspirations changed the dynamics of her life. Watch Abhilasa, as she effortlessly juggles between her responsibilities as a wife and a mother and her DREAMS.A very captivating story that keeps you glued till the very end. And a "MUST READ" for all those people who have forgotten how to chase their biggest aspirations amidst the chaos of their daily responsibilities.

  • KS Selvakumar
    2019-03-06 04:31

    I met the author on Goodreads through a friend request. Her own review of her book made for interesting reading, so I picked it up on Saturday in Delhi airport. I've started reading it - pretty good.Chitralekha gives a glimpse into the life of an armed force officer's wife, the camaraderie between the officers, the dynamics of living in a closed hierarchical community, the traveling across the country - engaging. At a deeper level the novel captures the thoughts of the protagonist under the changing environment; it tracks the evolution of a person over time. The feelings, emotions which the protagonist has are those with which any person (man or woman) can identify with. A very easy to read book which can be read at a soothing pace. I liked it. I would recommend it.

  • Ankita Chadha
    2019-03-10 03:17

    Delayed Monsoon is the kind of book that refreshes your mind, rejuvenates your soul, and leaves you thinking and smiling at the same time. I adored the character of Abhilasha in the book. Her inner turbulence, daily chores, small desires, absolute selflessness somehow make you feel connected to her. What I indeed loved about the book was the beautiful portrayal of the love between Abhilasha and Arvind. Such blissful platonic love is rarely seen.This is a book you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Not to be missed! :-)

  • Deepak
    2019-02-26 21:35

    No doubt Delayed Monsoon is rather a woman centric fiction. Then why did I enjoy reading this book which talks about Abhilasha, the protagonist who is a lady? The answer is, it has helped me to understand what a woman really wants from a man. The character of Abhilasha is so real that at no point of time it appears that you are reading a fiction. Delayed Monsoon is about real people, real feelings and real life. It was a great read!! I recommend this book to all of you who want to read a book written in simple English but gives a deep insight into human characters.

  • Indira Mukhopadhyay
    2019-03-05 01:14

    Very well depicted character of Abhilasha.Many women will relete to her.There are some passages you will like to read many times.Really liked this book.

  • Book'd
    2019-03-05 00:29

    One of the best books that i come across till date.A very gripping and a mature novel by Chitralekha Paul. Strongly recommended.

  • Abhranil Dutta
    2019-03-11 00:14

    Quite a nice book and a refreshing one.. :)This book is woman-centric but still i enjoyed it..!! This book is about the life of a girl name 'Abhilasha' and the various changes that took place in her life from time to time..!! The author has brilliantly described the portrayal of 'Abhilasha'. The most striking factor of the book is that it doesn't contains any melodramas(*in other words it doesn't contains any 'CRAP'*) or any unnecessary description of characters..!! Abhilasha can be any girl from any town..!! One could relate to it..!! This book has a realistic touch..!! Delayed Monsoon is different from the usual love stories..!!Some passages of this book are remarkable..!! -'Loving one does not stops me from loving the other one. When love amounts to attraction it can only be one-to-one relation. It is more physical in nature, dominated by a strong sense of desire. But surpassing the physicality when love becomes pure emotion, it flows in abundance that it can enrich many a lives without being stung by a guilt".'No doubt passion is the driving force of life and love is incomplete without it, but love is not only passion, it is much more than that. Passionate love is accompained by possesivenes and jealousy, whereby we want our loved ones to be exclusively ours. But going beyond passion , when love reaches the soul, our understanding becomes so perfectly seasoned that we do not mind giving space to our loved ones. Liberated from all the compulsions, it becomes a pure feeling, where nothing matters other than our spontaneous urge to care and share'

  • Nandita
    2019-03-14 01:23

    A beautifully written novel. I enjoyed reading this book. The honesty and sincerity with which the author narrated the story is commendable. The characters are so real and their emotions are so true. The portrayal of Abhilasha, the protagonist of the story is just superb. I am sure many of us will find an Abhilasha in herself. I could relate to all her emotions; from deprivation to fulfillment, from pain to pleasure. The theme of this novel is wonderful. How an unassuming girl born in an orthodox middle class Bengali family becomes a torch-bearer —the transformation of an average woman into an extraordinary person. This is a novel with a message which will get the thinking process rolling.

  • Praveen Chauhan
    2019-02-19 20:30

    I totally agree with Debjit ‘At a time when almost every novel is formula based, Delayed Monsoon comes as a breeze of fresh air.’, a captivating story without any melodrama. Narrated in a sensitive manner, it’s a simple story which deals with confusion, compulsion, dreams and desires of an ordinary woman. Delayed Monsoon has a certain depth which will be appreciated by readers with a mature mental frame. I will recommend this book to everyone who has a sensitive mind to understand and analyse everyday experiences which add up to the story of life. The simple yet elegant writing style of the author is like icing on the cake. The story has been told from a woman’s point of view. but inspite of being on the opposite side of the fence I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

  • Anish vk
    2019-02-27 22:30

    Enjoyed reading this simple feel good fiction with a cautioned state of a bachelor's mind towards similar people or the protagonist itself in finding the "true love" which happened finally after longing for all those years.All the characters displayed reality rather than drama and the story moves back&forth to different cities and towns explaining cultures,landscapes,lonliness,cruelty and hope.Emotional happenings in the story is also written beautifully wheather its romance,heartbreaks, childbirth,causing of death,humanism etc..Expecting more from the author.

  • Pooja
    2019-03-18 22:21

    delayed monsoon reflects d confusion n compulsions of an average female,orthodox indian most probably as v al hv been taught 2 do certain thngz in a manner wich odrwise r nt welcm in d society...a lady's fyt 2 cm out of her monotonous lyf 2 live her lyf at her own terms wid a purpose is d soul of dis book vich shud b learnt by 1 n al.....abhilasha is as gud as u n me on dis planet earth who fight many drmz n desires 2 live up2 d expectation of d family,relatvs or may b d society...a gud read n a fast 1 too if u connect wid d char....thx chitra ma'm.....

  • Ruchika Sharma
    2019-02-28 02:16

    Delayed Monsoon is a must-read for those who enjoy reading fictions which are close to life. There is no melodrama in this fiction. It's the story of a lady who is just one among us. As you start reading a bond is created between the protagonist Abhilasha and the reader and you are keen to know more about her. The author has succeeded in keeping the interest alive till the end and at no time you will get bored. Congrats Chitralekha for your debut novel. A great work!!!

  • Hithaishy
    2019-03-11 01:17

    Abhilasha..the main character in this book, is a very strong individual with a good sixth sense. I must say many woman in India will relate to this book and abhilasha. A well written book. No fuss...simple , interesting read.Cheers to the author.hope she continues writing.!

  • Sumita
    2019-03-18 21:20

    An engrossing story. From the time I had started reading the book till I could complete , I was in a state of trance, away from my surrounding. I was with Abhilasha, completely immersed in her feeling. Very nice way of writing. I want people to go through it, to experience the pleasure of reading.

  • Saikrishna Chaitanya
    2019-02-22 01:28

    Delayed Monsoon.. deserved title for the book.. Its all about LIFE..

  • Rose
    2019-03-05 23:34

    Delayed Monsoon is kind of refreshment. soul speaking as real person thinking. No fantasies.

  • Amit Gupta
    2019-03-12 23:43

    Abhilasha, the mother of a grown up girl, felt the transformation of a barren landscape of her life into a thriving oasis when she finally meets the love (Arvind) she had longed for, though in the most unusual of circumstances and in the most unusual of places - the internet. Now she is caught up in a dilemma whether to listen to her mind or to follow the beats of her heart. Going through an emotional roller coaster, she finally reached a stage where her passion turned into compassion, where all other conflicts appear trivial. In this scenario, none of her loved ones was left behind. A strong conviction bonded and inspired everyone to undertake life's journey where the rough edges were smoothened by the healing touch of love.The book follows a straight narrative from Abhilasha's childhood as she unravels the strings of her heart, gets in and out of the denial mode of romance and figures out whom she actually loves and what exactly she wants in life. The whole falling-in-love process between Abhilasha and Arvind is imaginative, grimly and complicated, all at the same time. It has several tender moments to nurture and worth savouring. The narrative is ultra-descriptive and author has an eye for detail. But haven't we heard, too much of anything is always bad.My problem with 'Delayed monsoon' is that it's about 50 pages too long and its too dry to be classified as a fiction novel. There are long monologues (sometimes over 1-1.5 pages) and hardly any conversations happening. I can think of at least two sub plots which could have been easily eliminated - One, a dream sequence in which Abhilasha contemplates the vicissitudes of married life with Shohuvik (her first love in college) and second, a back story of Kaveri who has killed her own father after many torturous incidents of domestic violence. The first one don't add much to the main storyline as it is not the real reason why she feels emotional emptiness in her marriage and second one don't delve sufficiently into the emotional metamorphosis which may occur in the Abhilasha's character because of her meeting with Kaveri. It just appears that the author was bursting with a hundred stories and decided to tell them all at once in one book. As a result, the book turns out to be pages from the diary of an individual rather than any coherent screenplay.I also thought that each chapter title gave away too much information, they almost summaries the chapter which is a cardinal sin to do in a fiction book. for e.g: A chapter is titled as - Instead of sailing together, they started drifting apart. Now, titles like these which are present all through the book simply kills the excitement because you already know which way the narrative is going to take you and you are just waiting to see how it unfolds.I also felt a little undone by Nikhil's character, who is partially blamed to be responsible for the monotonous marriage with Abhilasha... but why exactly none of them are ready to work on their marriage is never fully comprehended. There is a nice twist at the end of the book which makes for an almost philosophical albeit partially practical situation. It ticks off a thought process inside you about how exactly we as individuals don't have to necessarily choose between right and wrong, but sometimes both of it at the same time.I am going with 2/5 for Chitralekha's first book, 'Delayed monsoon'. It's well intended and neatly packaged, but at the same time it is long, indulgent and exhausting. If you are patient, and willing to work with such shortcomings, there is an inherent sincerity waiting to be explored. It's a modest book in terms of its approach, built up and sensibilities, and i mean it in the best form of the word.

  • Muddle head
    2019-03-15 20:16

    This is the story of Abhilasha, wife of an air-force officer, who finds herself in a middle-age crisis of sorts. After toiling for an ungrateful husband for years, she finds herself craving for love, affection or maybe just some attention at-least. Now she finds this love in the least likely of all places - the internet. This is what the description on the cover says. But, the novel is more about her life leading upto this point of her discovery of the virtual world. It looks more like a re-collection of various highlights of her life, at diff places (with her husband getting transferred to a diff place every few years). In the end it's not just just a quest for love n affection, it's actually quest for a direction to her life, to give some meaning to her life and do something that she really enjoys.Things that i didn't like:1) Towards the end the author gets a bit preachy about relationships and how to nurture them. For a few pages i felt like am reading a self-help book, not a novel. But then the advice given isn't bad or anything to find fault with, it just didn't go down well with my expectations.2) There are far too many mini-stories embedded into the novel. No doubt each one of them is captivating but i couldn't make a connection between the actual story of the novel and at least a couple of these minies.3) I sort of felt cheated as i thought the entire novel (or at least a major part of it) would be about how Abhilasha found her love online and how she dealt with it, but was disappointed to find out that the online-love appears only in the last 30 pages.

  • Sunaina
    2019-02-20 20:26

    Its an awesome read!!! I enjoyed every bit of it. The narration of Air Force life is very interesting, The novel way of welcoming a newly-wed couple to the Air Force fraternity, Abhilasha’s experience of meeting a king and queen in real, the tragic Air crash at Air Force station Palam and at Jodhpur, the depiction of life at Nilgiri Hills and many such true to life experiences…altogether it’s a fascinating novel. Delayed Monsoon is different from the usual love stories which have now flooded the book stores. I have found it to be a neat package with most of things which I look forward in a fiction. Delayed Monsoon kept my interest alive till the end and I never had the urge to skip pages and reach the end of the story which I was forced to do when I read many recent fictions by debut authors.

  • Shivani Mishra
    2019-03-08 22:27

    A different kind of fiction. The author has an interesting story to tell. Her crisp way of description is commendable. in no time the reader starts relating to the characters. The characters are such that there is nothing unreal about them. It gives you a feeling as if you are reading a true story. With an easy style of writing, the author has succeeded in keeping the interest alive till the end. She has got an eye for details which makes you visualise the incidents of Abhilasha’s life as if you are watching them to happen infront of you. The inherent wit of the author makes the reading a fun. The fiction kept me so captivated that everything else faded from my mind and I was thinking about Abhilasha all the time. It was a new experience for me as I never knew that reading could give me such pleasure. Well done Chitralekha. When are you giving us your next book?

  • Ajay
    2019-03-01 21:32

    One of the finest simple story ,yet narrated in an awesome manner.I should really talk about the metaphors used by the author through out the story. Also I encountered many cliches here and then and that added more to the readers paradise. Well, the story speaks about the life of the introvert Abhilasha. Her life was completely out of her control and she could never desire anything and everything she could feel was only in her dreams. The author has fine tuned the story such that the reader will never get bored out of the yet another simple story. One may argue that story wise,the book cannot be that boasted , but yeah, the narrative skill of the author is well appreciated.

  • Preeti
    2019-03-04 22:18

    Written in a simple language Delayed Monsoon never allows your mind to get distracted from the story. It has a certain flow which compels you to go with it.. The writer takes us through various emotions which the protagonists have felt in different phases of her life. She has succeeded in creating a bond with the readers. And last but not the least I have loved the concept of the book . The end of the story is superb…a mix of realism, philosophy and spiritual truth. The elevation of an ordinary housewife to an extra-ordinary realm. Congrats Chitralekha!

  • Harshita Pandey
    2019-03-03 01:22

    A great fiction, the best one I have read recently. The characters appear so real. The story line is so engrossing that it keeps the reader involved till the last page. The story has a contemporary plot, something which can happen in real life. I am sure people will be able to relate to the concept. I picked this book at an airport book store...and by the time I reached Mumbai, I had read almost half of the book. As the story unfolded, I could not help but reading it and carried the book everywhere, including office. And thus I could complete reading it in the next 3 days. A must read!!

  • Deepak Kumar
    2019-02-24 01:14

    just finished reading the i wished for it to never come to an's such a splendid story as the author takes you on a journey..from one place to another..on a roller coaster ride taking a plunge into the varied emotions and sinking into the intriguing world of the protagonist Abhilasha..Also loved the small yet delightful description of GOLU and CHULBULI in the beginning :)

  • Supriya
    2019-03-09 22:42

    Lovely fiction! I am not good at expressing my feelings. So I am not going to write a lengthy review. All I can say is this book has touched my heart. The author has portrayed the character of Abhilasha so beautifully that I thoroughly enjoyed the journey with her.Congratulation Chitralekha for writing this wonderful story of Abhilasha.

  • Kalyani
    2019-03-06 23:30

    A very nice book.I must say after a long I read such type of book which stands out among the typical love stories which all the contemporary Indian writers are writing. It was refreshing to read Delayed Monsoon.

  • Badhri Narayanan K
    2019-03-20 20:25

    It is a totally different kind of book, different from the ones i have read so far.. It was more like pages out of a diary than a story.. I do not know to which extent it is the story of the author.. i felt that the ending was a big cliche., but nevertheless i do not regret reading this book

  • Nishant Jha
    2019-03-20 22:31

    A nice, simple, slice of life and a thoroughly interesting read! Chitralekha Paul's first book talks about Abhilasha, an Air Force Officer's wife and her challenges, miseries and jubilations in a very lucid format! I really enjoyed her writing style and waiting for her next book...

  • Sundeep Supertramp
    2019-03-08 04:40

    very slow paced... too girly for me... that explains why it is on top... kinda different read for me.. but hats off to the author who wrote her first novel so exquisitely...